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Nathan Goldwasser
BOM for a Purchase Product
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Posted: Feb 07, 2019   
Phill Norrey
Even though you are buying the parent you need to have it set up as a "M" type part.  If you have it set to P then MRP will stop at that level.  Realy you are not "buying" the parent, you are using the supplier as a sub contractor to make this part from another part.  So all the purchase orders for the parent should actually be sub-contract orders linked to a WO to make it.  The lower level item would then be purchased and shipped directly to the other supplier.  Once they receive it you could then do a wo-issue to the WO.  When you get the finished item in you would then do a Sub Contract PO receipt to pay the vendor for the work and then do a WO receipt to put the item into inventory.
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Replied: Feb 08, 2019
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