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Vinh Nguyen
Export the report to excel file with over 100K rows?
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Posted: Jan 30, 2019   
Chad Stone

If this is a QAD Reporting Framework report, then this is not supported. The underlying 3rd party render engine is limited to the old Excel-binary XLS file limitation of 65.000 rows. 

This limitation would be very difficult for QAD to overcome without changing render engines and reqriting a lot of the reportign solution.

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Replied: Jan 31, 2019
Francis Malengier


I was able to solve the export limitations using the setup in this article of the knowledgebase AA-94723 (

It is a workarround for exporting from browses and views. Maybe your report is built on a browse, and you can export your data from the browse instead of the report.





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Replied: Feb 05, 2019
Mark Garnett

From a business perspective, probably 100,000+ rows are not going to be processed by a user in a spreadsheet.

Can you either filter the browse before export or create a custom browse that summarises the data in some way?

You culd then have a sub-browse that gives the detail to show how the summary was arrived at.

As an example, you could have an inventory summary-by-product-line browse (to show value of inventory held for each product line).  This would likely be a manageble number of rows.

Then a browse collection would link this to the detailed browse  but would only have to show the items for the product-line currently high-lighted.   This is also likely a managable number of rows (so fast enough to show the details adds up to the total).

A browse collection cant be easily exported to spreadsheet, but I woud suggest its better to look at the real live data rather than an out-of-date unmanagmentable large spreadsheet anyway.

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Replied: Mar 13, 2019
Alban Bentein

Export from a browse of knowledgebase AA-94723 if only a solution if the report can be run as a browse.

If that is not possible, then there is another alternative: you can create a new Report Resource Design layout that gives the data in a flat file CSV format.

Then use the Plain Text output option of the Reporting Framework. 

Note that with the 2018 September release of Channel Islands we have Action Centers that use a new Quey Service engine that can aggrgate millions of browse records in a summarized report or chart.

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Replied: Mar 14, 2019
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