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Rajan Prabakaran
types of purchase orders with complete examples ? if possible with scrensho
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Posted: Aug 09, 2017   
Phill Norrey

This is actually a bigger question than what should be asked on a forum.  You really need to talk to QAD or a consulting company and get some training.

However, I will try to answer this as simply as possible.

Discrete – Just a regular PO created as and when required.

Blanket – a “contract” with a supplier for a fixed amount but without due dates.  Each time you call off from the blanket it creates a discrete order for the requested quantity and reduces the blanket by that amount

Schedule – Used for parts that you buy on a regular basis and is normally created directly from MRP.  It also creates a cumulative amount which allows the system to receive more or less than required without needing to do multiple receipts.  For example if I had two lines on a discrete for 100 each and I received a qty of 110, if I over received on the first line it would still show that they owe me 100, or I would have to receive 100 from the first line and the other 10 from the second line manually.

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Replied: Aug 10, 2017
Raymond Chin Kwie Joe

In order to get overviews you can start by reviewing "replenishment options", in QAD supplier Portal.

If you want to get more detail knowledge you can go to the QAD documentation page: "Support - Documentation" and type your search. this page will show you very detailed documentation.

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Replied: Sep 04, 2017
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