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Cherie Goodenough
logic for setting lad_loc for wod_det based on WO type and location name
Posted: Oct 16, 2019   
Phill Norrey

QAD has a hierarchy for inventory.  At the top level is the in_mst which is the total of all the locations for the part.  The ld_det is the detail of each location including the total amount allocated from that location.  The lad_det is the detail of each allocation,  This can happen at numerous places.  For this I am just talking WO, but remember there is similar for SO.  If you mark the WO as status A then it just has an allocation but no definition of where it comes from so the lad_det is not updated.  Then when you release the WO it creates a detail allocation and that is when the lad_det gets updated.  Also you could do a manual detail allocation using WO bill maint (16.13.1) and set detail allocation = YES.  this is the ONLY way you can control the actual allocation location but it is manual.  The release process would use the logic set up in 3.24

Replied: Oct 17, 2019
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